Projects / collections are entirely based on research and development, we rely on nature and natural surroundings for inspiration each season. Wild is what we are true to, art is but a interpretation of nature. Our range reaches far and wide we have no restriction to what we can create, from paper, fabric, small furniture items, lamps, rugs, scarfs possibilities are endless is what we think. There is no such thing as waste, thats where creativity lies. Our projects are mixed in nature and many times based on best from waste too. 

Custom dishes! 😉💙💙💙
Marble coasters ❤💙💚
Custom Ceramic Pots!
An absolute Joy of making Beautiful thin
Few more breakfast bowls!! 💙💚💜
Custom colour block mugs!! 😊😊

custom projects undertaken by us!

Choose from our product range for more pieces on request and the best part is we have no MOQ's.

You pick, we make it in nos as requested. Customization possibilities are different from product to product.