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What to look out for when you place a custom order at Studio Wildflower
Quality Standards:

At Studio Wildflower, our commitment is to deliver high-quality, handcrafted pottery. We take immense pride in our craftsmanship and ensure that each piece is meticulously inspected for quality before it reaches our customers. Our standards include:

  • Craftsmanship: Every piece is handcrafted by skilled artisans with attention to detail and quality.

  • Materials: We use premium-grade materials ensuring durability, safety, and aesthetic appeal.

  • Quality Checks: All pottery undergoes thorough quality checks to ensure it meets our standards before shipping.

  • Unique Creations: As handcrafted items, slight variations in hand-made artwork, colour, weights, thickness, shape, finishes and size may occur, adding to their uniqueness and charm. As a policy, such variations are not considered as flaws/ damages.

  • Flaws/ Defects: Any product that is chipped beyond repair or broken is considered as damaged/ flawed. Any other variations are not considered as damages.

Appreciating Studio Ceramics 

  • Variations: Because these products are made entirely by hand, no matter the method (wheel-throwing or slip-casting), our ceramics are subject to slight variations in colour, pigment, and size. These differences should not be seen as defects but rather as unique and valuable characteristics that add to their aesthetic appeal. By understanding these variations, you can recognise that these pieces are not mass-produced, industrial products but rather handcrafted with care and skill.

  • Colour and pigment: If the pieces are slip-cast, they are poured and mixed by hand and so some pieces will have veining or visible swirls in the pigment. These are considered natural characteristics and a hallmark of the handmade.

Due to the nature of clay and the manufacturing process, variations in shade and colour do occur, and therefore ceramic colours can vary

  • Size: Due to the nature of clay, variations in size of up to 5 - 10% can occur and is a normal part of the manufacturing process. This is not considered a defect. Additionally, if the pieces are wheel thrown, the pieces are shaped by hand meaning they are shaped by hand and eye, without the use of a mould.

We are always there to help you out!


We accept all major debit and credit cards (including Mastercard, Visa and American Express), UPI and also provide Net banking options across major banks. We do not provide cash on delivery option. All orders are prepaid only, including custom orders.

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